Cafe Emma Restaurant

Enjoy unique cuisine in an original setting in the heart of Prague

Salads and starters

Crunchy salad with roquefort cheese, tomato, bacon and onion 157 Kč

“ Emma ” salad with goat cheese, green apple and walnuts 164 Kč

Classic Caesar salad with chicken ( or tuna - 30 Kč suppl. ) 157 Kč

Tuna belly salad, potatoes and kalamata olives 157 Kč

Salad “ Nicoise ” with anchovies, egg, tuna and tomatoes 164 Kč

Green bean salad with strips of foie gras and parmesan cheese 190 Kč

Roast beef with tartar sauce 184 Kč

Seasonal vegetable soup with pesto 124 Kč

Red tuna tartar, Hass avocado and soy / lime sauce 295 Kč

Iberian ham and crispy bread with tomatoes 306 Kč

Foie gras mi-cuit terrine, toasted country bread 367 Kč

Burgundy snails with herbs and pastis 210 Kč

“ Emma ” country paté ( ideal for sharing ) 215 Kč

Burrata cheese with tomato 202 Kč

Avocado and crab salad with cocktail sauce 367 Kč

Plain omelette ( or cheese - 25 Kč suppl. ) 119 Kč


Fines de Claires Nº 2 65 Kč

3 Fine de Claire n°2 with glass of white wine “ Emma ” 215 Kč

Main dishes

Pork chop a la Charcutiére and gratin “ Dauphinois ” 312 Kč

Mussels with poulette sauce and home-made chips 291 Kč

Salmon with asparagus and hollandaise sauce 324 Kč

Duck confit a l’Alexandre 367 Kč

Chicken stuffed with iberian ham and mozzarella 367 Kč

Duck breast with orange sauce and confit of shallots 456 Kč

Grilled tuna belly 405 Kč

Macaroni with lobster and Comté cheese 540 Kč

“ Coquillettes ” a la carbonara au gratin 215 Kč

Creamy rice with half a lobster 543 Kč

Le coin du boucher

Grilled onglet steak with shallots 455 Kč

Three-week-hung T-bone steak ( 900 g - for two people ) price by person 720 Kč

Fillet of beef 250g 607 Kč

Entrecôte with “ Emma ” sauce 582 Kč

Entrecôte of beef 563 Kč

Knife-chopped beef tartar with bistrot sauce 354 Kč

Knife-chopped beef tartar with parmesan cheese 364 Kč

“ Cafe Emma ” hamburger 255 Kč

Choice of sauces:
“ Emma ”, Béarnaise, Bordelaise
Choice of side dishes: Green salad, asparagus, home-made chips, vegetables, mushrooms

Suggestions du chef

“ Cafe Emma ” lobster salad 405 Kč

Eggs “ Benedictine ” with ham, hollandaise sauce and muffin 165 Kč

Bistrot-style herring salad with warm potatoes and vinaigrette 164 Kč

Rillette-style duck paté with toast 154 Kč

Egg “ Meurette ” with mushrooms and red wine 165 Kč

Quiche of the day 139 Kč

Onion soup with toasted bread and emmental cheese 124 Kč


Cheese plate Choice of 4 types of french cheeses according to season 266 Kč

Cheesecake, raspberry sorbet and red fruit sauce 126 Kč

Crêpe “ Suzette ” with Grand Marnier ice-cream 152 Kč

Profiterole with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce 126 Kč

Ice-cream selection ( choise of: vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, lemon, ...) 101 Kč

Home-made Flan with caramel 126 Kč

Café Gourmand 149 Kč

Tarte Tatin with caramel sauce and ice-cream, served with fruity Jurançon wine 126 Kč

Créme Brulée with vanilla 114 Kč

Floating island 114 Kč

Chocolate coulant and vanilla ice-cream, paired with Banyuls wine 202 Kč

Strawberry soup with fresh mint and Strawberry sorbet 152 Kč

Fresh fruit salad and lemon sorbet 126 Kč

Macaron with sorbet 152 Kč