Cafe Emma Restaurant

Enjoy unique cuisine in an original setting in the heart of Prague

The Restaurant

The long friendship between the French chef Michel Sarran and Romain Fornell prompted them to think about a common project. The idea was to create a completely different restaurant, with simple French products.

The project was launched under the name "Café Emma", whose origin comes from the name of the wife of Romain Fornell and daughter of Michel Sarran, both named Emma. It is designed as a French bistro and serves French cuisine with local and international flavors.

This time, the two chefs prepare simple French dishes, as a way to claim their origins. But always with a contemporary twist and market products of high quality.

Romain Fornell, was the youngest French Chef awarded with a Michelin star in 2001 and remained the unique French chef awarded with a Star in France and in Spain.

Café Emma has been designed to offer its clients calm place, relaxed and discreet. This is precisely why the project was entrusted to the wife of Romain Fornell, Emma, who has managed to create a welcoming atmosphere where guests feel at home. A warm and comfortable designed for people of good taste, sometimes with little time to enjoy a cuicine where the quality and substance of the product are essential.